Should You Go for Head-On or Headless Shrimps? Ask Juicy Seafood

Shrimp Restaurant Smyrna

Shrimps come in various ways. Yet, it all comes down to one’s personal preference at the end of the day. Therefore, whether you should go for headless or head-on shrimps is a redundant question. At Juicy Seafood, you can avail of both. Nevertheless, there are crucial differences between headless and head-on shrimps which might influence your choice at our shrimp restaurant in Smyrna.

Shrimps with their head on might be mushy

It is vital to keep in mind that the major portion of fat resides in a shrimp’s head. Therefore, much depends on the way shrimps are shipped. If done incorrectly, the shrimp might take on a mushy texture. Moreover, fat must be kept at a preferably lower temperature than muscles.

Headless shrimps retain their crisp texture

Logistically, at least, shipping headless shrimps tends to be way more convenient. In the absence of fat, headless shrimps tend to retain their original crisp texture over long distances. After shipping, restaurants store shrimps in the freezer to preserve the texture.

Headless shrimps with their shells on

One of the appealing benefits of headless shrimps is that they come in different varieties.

Consider, for instance, the headless shrimp with its shell on. According to our chefs, shrimp shells tend to act as a protective shield while grilling. Furthermore, the shell helps to add to the flavor in the time of sautéing. Shrimp shells are conducive to a string of cooking methods and styles, too.

It is no wonder, then, why headless shrimps with shells continue to be a favorite among seafood restaurants in Smyrna. Markedly, at Juicy Seafood, individual preferences are at the forefront of our venture. You may avail both of headless and head-on shrimps at highly reasonable rates.

Peeling and deveining shrimps

One of the more delicate steps involves peeling and deveining a shrimp.

Our experts separate the shell from the shrimp in a way which echoes the finesse of a craftsman. With considerable expertise, the peeling time is highly reduced. Add to it the practically non-existent mess. The whole affair is breezy and uncompromising with the texture and flavor of the shrimp.

The use of the finest ingredients

Picking the right ingredients is crucial. Juicy Seafood prides itself on the use of fresh wild-caught shrimps and the finest ingredients while cooking. The ingredients we pick add to the original flavor of shrimps, thereby making your shrimp-binge a special and memorable experience.