If You’ve Goofed Up Your Lobster, Drive To Juicy Seafood And Make Up For it now

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Cooking lobsters correctly involves a set of fundamentals. People make the biggest mistake even before starting to cook – buying the largest lobster available! However, if you think you have goofed up your lobster beyond repair, drive straight to Juicy Seafood, the finest Cajun style seafood restaurant in Smyrna, and enjoy lobsters at their ultimate.

Overcooking and undercooking lobster tails

Our lobster tails, available for $31.99, are a favorite with gourmands and others across the board. The simple reason lies in achieving the delicate balance between overcooking and undercooking, which our chefs do expertly. Both undercooking and overcooking impact lobsters significantly.

Overcooking a lobster makes it too tough, though still eatable. Undercooking, on the other hand, makes it peculiarly gelatinous, which is simply uneatable.

The significance of balancing ingredients

One of the key rules is to keep it sober. If one ends up throwing in excess ingredients, one ruins the dish. The same is the case with lobsters. At Juicy Seafood, our chefs pay special attention to this.

Consider, for instance, our lobster tail. What marks it from the rest is its intriguing balance of conflicting elements. The result is a fiery concoction of multidimensional flavors, one that still retains the kosher taste of the lobster tail. The latter comes up suddenly in the midst of all the churning flavors and aromas, thereby heightening the experience of eating.

Cooking the lobster in ocean water

A truly spine-tingling seafood in Tennessee depends on a slew of factors. In the case of lobsters, one should preferably boil it in heavily salted water. Our chefs have been following it conscientiously.

The primary reason for the same is to preserve its oceanic taste. Boiling it in pure ocean water is particularly welcome in the case of finely cooked and fully picked lobster meat.

The importance of seasoning it just right

While cooking a lobster tail, over-seasoning the water is a grievous mistake. Contrary to a widespread practice, our chefs do not make use of massive kettles of overly seasoned water.


If the aforementioned points hint at anything, it is the sheer amount of technical fineness involved in dishing up a perfectly cooked lobster tail. Therefore, if you are looking forth to experience the magic of perfect lobsters, head straight to Juicy Seafood now.