A Chef from Juicy Seafood Explains What to Avoid while Cooking Shrimps

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It may be unanimously concurred that preparing and cooking shrimps are fairly straightforward. Yet therein is the catch! At Juicy Seafood, the finest shrimp restaurant in Smyrna, our culinary chefs maintain that the process of cooking shrimps kicks off with the purchasing itself. More often than not, people make mistakes at the very first step. Consequently, mishaps may not be avoided.

Buying Shrimps with Heads still on is a Mistake

However inconsequential it seems, buying shrimps with the heads still on is a compromise with the flavor. Did you know that a shrimp-head consists of a particular digestive enzyme which tends to mush up the entire body meat? Therefore, it is best to buy headless shrimps. Otherwise, you should cook it straight away after catching, which might be difficult.

Cleaning Shrimps Improperly

Our professionals lay great emphasis on shrimps cleaned as conscientiously as possible. Primarily, cleaning involves removing the digestive tract. While there’s no harm consuming a shrimp with the tract on, you might experience inhospitable flavors, such as those of sand and sludge. It is time-consuming to clean a shrimp. Therefore, our experts prefer buying shrimps already cleaned.

Thawing Shrimps Incorrectly

Flesh-freezing a plate of shrimps is an appealing means to boost their flavors. However, you must know how to defrost them before cooking, both for safety and flavors.

Defrosting shrimps in a microwave is nothing short of a sin. Shrimps are best defrosted overnight in a fridge. Make sure that they are stored in a colander. At Juicy Seafood, for instance, our experts run a host of mechanisms to defrost shrimps, keeping in mind the sanctity of those who order juicy seafood in Smyrna.

Avoid Overcooking Shrimps

Cooking shrimps entails incontrovertible expertise. Shrimps are known to overcook instantly. And how would you know if they are overcooked? A tough, rubbery texture says it all.

There is a host of signs to tell whether or not shrimps have been sufficiently cooked. For instance, if the shrimps have pinked and curved into a C, it is a firm indication. You may use a thermometer too. Stop when the reading shows 120 degree F.


Shrimps are a tricky affair. They are infamous for instant overcooking and ever on the brink of losing all flavors. It needs the expertise of our caliber to cook shrimps that are flavorful and nutritious.